You Can Get A $250 Bonus from Wells Fargo! Here's How

The perks that can come from opening a checking or savings account with an established bank can often exceed our expectations. Some of these offers come with a catch, hosting a certain number of tasks, and other such requirements. Wells Fargo is currently offering a $250 sign-up bonus for individuals who open a checking account with them. There are a few stipulations, but this offer is completely free and it is helping people gain a boost to their bank accounts with little effort. Below we'll detail how to claim this bonus and go over the certain requirements needed to obtain this free $250 offer.

Open a Checking Account In-Person or Online

This offer is currently available for people signing up in-person or filling out the required information to start an account online. The in-person method involves visiting your neighborhood Wells Fargo location. They will give you details about the offer and go over the certain requirements. The online method can be viewed via the Wells Fargo homepage. You want to set up your account in accordance with your current location in order to host an in-person home location. Both of these methods are currently hosted by this free offer, leaving the choice to the consumer of which to use.

Account Requirements

This offer is available to new users of Wells Fargo only. Users who have hosted a previous account with Wells Fargo will not qualify for this offer. Additionally, users hosting ties to the company via family members or individuals actively working for the company will not qualify for this offer. The process to obtaining your free $250 starts with an account opening. To open a checking account at Wells Fargo, the user must submit a deposit of at least $25. This is the minimum amount required to open an account. Additionally, the user must make at least 10 separate debit/credit card purchases or payments. This option can be exchanged for a second option. The second option is to make a direct deposit amount that is at least $500. No matter the route the user wishes to take, these requirements must be met within 60 days of opening your checking account. Upon successful completion of both the initial $25 deposit and either the 10 purchases/payments or the $500 direct deposit, the user will be able to claim their free $250. The free offer will show in your checking account within 45 days of successful task completion.

Offer Comparison

When compared against other federal banking locations, this offer stands alone. Most locations will offer you a deposit match for up to $50 upon opening an account or signing up for their services. This offer can also be hosted by taking very little from your account or costing you additional funds. The 10 purchases/payments can combine to feature any nominal amount, leaving this route a good option for users making light purchases. The direct deposit route might benefit the user who is having their work checks linked to their bank accounts. One or two payment periods could leave you with a bonus of $250 in your account. Either route requires little effort and little resistance, leaving it as one of the top offerings on the market today. It is also important to note that the Wells Fargo checking account comes with a monthly service charge of $10 for those hosting less than $1,500 in their checking account. This is relatively small when compared to banks that host unsightly interest rates and other such charges.


This is an exclusive offer, meaning it is only available for a limited amount of time. The requirements that need to be met to obtain your free $250 are relatively small. This offer exceeds anything else on the market today and it is rather straight forward in nature. You can take two separate routes to obtain this offer, leaving a nice sense of flexibility for the user. All-around, this offer is great for those who have not banked with Wells Fargo in the past. Give Wells Fargo a try and see how their incredible team and eye-popping offers can change the way you do banking.

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