10 Ways To Score Free Food

When you are on a tight budget, it is necessary to cut out luxuries such as dining out and partying. Instead of dining out, you can score free meals and save the money you could have used to buy food. Here are ten tricks on how to score free food without engaging in any form of criminal activity.

Become a Mystery Shopper

Many food companies like to know how they are performing. They often pay people who pose as regular customers to help them evaluate their performance. These people go out and eat in one of their joints and fill out a brief survey about their experience. You can can sign up to as a mystery shopper and enjoy free food. Sign up with many companies so that you are covered for a longer period.

Attend Supermarket Events

Research any supermarket that is holding a public event and make sure you are there for the occasion. Many supermarkets mark important events with different goodies, including free food. You can guarantee there will be a lot of free samples featuring different dishes.

Use Coupons

You can use coupons to get foods from supermarkets and grocery stores. Many companies encourage people to help them popularize their products in exchange for coupons. Make sure your coupons are for free products and not discounts. You will have to load coupons to your cell phone or loyalty card to benefit from free products.

Attend Meetups

Meetups offer you the perfect platform to not only interact with people but also get free food. If you are a student, join a university society. University societies usually hold meetups for their members. One thing you won’t miss from these meetups is free food and drinks.

Participate in Eating Competitions

Eating competitions are not for the faint-hearted. If you are the type of person who does not care about anything, then an eating competition might be the best place to get free food. A majority of eating competitions are held for free. The only thing you need is a good appetite and empty stomach. In addition to eating, you might be lucky to get an award if you win the competition.

Become a Forager

Foraging can be a perfect option if you like wild foods. It is important you first learn about wild foods before you become a forager. This will help you distinguish between edible and potentially poisonous foods. For instance, some types of mushrooms and cassava are not edible. You can start off your foraging with wild garlic, berries, mussels or seaweed.

Use a Fast Food App

There are several apps out there that offer seasonal free foods. Some of them provide free food as soon as you download them and sign up. Some offer free samples after the the first five or nine purchases. You can try apps such as Mc Donald’s, Jamba Juice, Dairy Queen or Sonic.

Search for Free Meals

Most church gatherings, festivals and grand openings provide their attendees with food nowadays. Always look out for these events in the neighborhood or near your school and take advantage of the free goodies being offered. You can easily knock out one or two meals a week from such events.

Fill Out Receipt Surveys

Do not ignore that small survey at the bottom of your food receipt. Most restaurants ask their customers to provide feedback in exchange for free food. A lot people miss out on great opportunities by ignoring them. You can also try out online surveys conducted by certain companies and get gift cards to restaurants. Other companies offer Amazon gift cards. You can use Amazon gift cards to buy groceries and gourmet food.

Grow Your Own Food

Finding the food you want for free can be very difficult, especially if you are on a diet. You can always keep a small garden with all the vegetables and fruits you want. If you live in an apartment, you can purchase an allotment or share one with friends and flatmates. You can also use a simple window box to grow all kinds of vegetables and salad ingredients. This is a long-term investment, but it will surely help you obtain a free meal once in a while.

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