Companies That Will Pay You for Taking Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a great side hustle to make some quick cash. Although there are plenty to choose from online, how do you know you’re getting the best deal for your time answering surveys? Well, that’s what you have us for! Below are some of the best companies that will pay you for taking their online surveys. But don’t take it from us, feel free to try them out today.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular online survey companies. Not only do they have an eye-catching app, but allow for survey taking on their website as well. They hand out free points aka Swagbucks, which you can redeem for a variety of different gift cards or Paypal credit. Plus, they offer $5 for simply signing up.

2. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is incredibly to sign up for. They offer daily surveys that you can take and earn money for. Plus, with only taking four surveys a day, you can easily make a little over $700 a year.

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie has an easy-to-use UI. It allows you to use a cashout wheel that lets you take as many surveys as you please. Did we mention that the surveys are fun and easy to complete, offering reward points after every one? Plus, after you earn 1,000 points, you can cash out. Certain surveys even offer up to 300 reward points.

Although you can cash out for plenty of different gift card options, you can always have your earned money deposited in your Paypal account.

4. Opinion Outpost

The Opinion Outpost polls on the behalf of local companies, governments, and public organizations. Most reviewers get around five surveys per month and you get to cash out your reward money every few months from them.

5. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is by far one of the highest paying survey sites that offer surveys that pay, at the minimum, $1.50. They have an easy sign up process, although, you will need to fill out some basic personal info for the service to find the best surveys for you to take. One disadvantage is that you cannot cash out for Paypal credit, you can only redeem your points for Visa gift cards or gift cards for most major retailers.

6. VIP Voice

If you like gamification with your surveys, you will love VIP Voice. They give you points for every survey you take. Then, you can redeem these points for things like gift cards, free electronics, and even vacation packages. Once you have completed a few surveys, be on the lookout for a special $25 survey!

7. Ipsos Panel

The Ipsos Panel is the same group that performs political polling during election season. The majority of surveys on this website are short, take about 10 minutes to complete, and pay a dollar or two. However, there are also a few special surveys that can pay up to $95. You can redeem your points for cash via Paypal or for gift cards to popular stores and websites like Amazon.

8. Pinecone Research

If you are looking for a quick payout and you live in the USA, check out Pinecone Research. There is a considerable amount of surveys on this site and you get paid cash after every survey you complete. Each survey pays $3 upon completion. Another outstanding feature is that there is no minimum needed to cash out with Paypal.

9. Harris Poll

Harris Poll was created by the Nielsen group, the company that monitors television viewing and ratings. This website is trustworthy and pays competitively for surveys. They have also been known to contact survey takers to ask them to participate in local focus groups, which you can earn even more for.

Survey websites can provide an easy opportunity to help out companies and make a few bucks in the process. They are generally simple to sign up for, not time consuming, and offer great rewards.

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