Unclaimed Child Support: Ways To Claim Your Funds

The government has a program that they created to help protect the rights of all custodial parents. They do this by ensuring all child support court orders for both medical and financial support are enforced accordingly. This program has proven to be a huge success and has helped each state collect more than $100 billion in payments of child support during the years they have been enforcing the collections. Most of these child support payments were successfully distributed to the parents they were intended for. However, there are still unclaimed child support funds being left in the system. It is said that the total amount of unclaimed child support payments amounts to almost a billion dollars all together.

What It Means To Have Unclaimed Child Support Funds

Having that amount of unclaimed child support funds in the system means that there are literally thousands of custodial parents who have not received the payments they are entitled to. These funds, however, are still able to be claimed. The downside to having unclaimed support payments is that those funds are not always easy to find and claim. This is why most of the money is still not being claimed. Over the years, more efforts have been made to get these funds into the right hands. If you feel you may have some child support payments that haven't been claimed, you should know there are ways to find these funds if you wish to do so.

How To Claim Your Child Support Funds That Are Unclaimed

There really isn't a big issue for child support payments that are not paid. The Federal Child Support Enforcement Program uses many tools in its arsenal to make sure that delinquent, non-custodial parents still pay their support payments and fulfill all of their financial duties to their child or children's other parent. One way in which the enforcement program works to enforce non-paying parents is by using the Federal Income Tax Refund Offset mechanism. This program can be used to automatically redistribute income tax refunds from parents who are delinquent on their child support payments and send them directly to the parent they are intended for.

Child support is a complicated manner. While the federal government oversees the program, the payments are collected and distributed through the state level. Each state varies and has their own set of laws concerning how child support payments are collected and distributed. In many states, however, unclaimed support payments are turned over to the Office of the Treasury. Claiming unclaimed support payments can be simple if you have all of the required information necessary to prove you are the intended recipient. You will usually need to start by submitting an official request through the system along with all required documentation to prove your identity. If everything is in order, you will generally receive your funds within a few weeks of them receiving your request.

How Much Are My Unclaimed Child Support Payments Worth?

The variations in child support law in each state is vast. Because of this, it is practically impossible to calculate how much you might have in unclaimed funds. In some cases, however, custodial parents have found that they have thousands in unclaimed funds waiting for them to collect. While this is not always the norm, it is definitely possible to have a good amount waiting for you to claim. One big issue with most states is that they will only hold onto unclaimed funds of different kinds for a specified amount of time. After that time is up, they will generally turn over unclaimed funds to the Department of the Treasury and it becomes state funds which they may use as they see fit.

Every state has their own laws regarding how long they can legally hold onto funds before turning them over to the treasury. Your unclaimed child support payments could be lost to you forever if you don't take the necessary steps to get what you are owed immediately. If you feel you might have some unclaimed funds owed to you, take the necessary steps now to find out if you are able to claim them. If you wait too long, you may miss out on your chance to claim any funds at all.

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