How to Reclaim Missing Money and Investments

Numerous individuals have financial assets worth a substantial amount of money, even as much as tens of thousands of dollars. However, this money has been long forgotten and is merely sitting there waiting to be claimed. In certain instances, the source of this money is an investment that was made and subsequently forgotten about over the years. Additionally, assets may be left to an heir after the death of a relative, but the person to whom the money was left was unaware of its existence. If you fall into these or other categories, you may discover that unclaimed money has grown in value throughout years or decades and a sizable nest egg is now waiting to be claimed. Whether or not you believe you have missing money or investments, it is wise to search for assets to which you may be entitled.

Locating Assets

If you are like most people, it probably does not seem realistic to think you have unclaimed money or assets, as you track your funds on a regular basis. However, numerous circumstances can result in this very scenario. For instance, in order to receive a loan from a credit union, you may have been required to begin a small savings account. Perhaps the loan was paid off and you relocated to another area, but forgot to notify the bank of your new address. This is just one example of how you could end up with unclaimed money.

Fortunately,you can search for missing assets via the Internet. Almost all states have websites on which you can conduct a public search, and you also have access to national databases. Always make sure to search under any name you have used in the past, even if your last name has changed several times through marriage or divorce. Additionally, do not forget to conduct an individual search in every state where you have lived.

Unclaimed Inheritance

When relatives pass away, estate heirs are typically notified by the executor of the deceased person's will that life insurance benefits or an inheritance can be claimed. Nevertheless, certain individuals die without creating a proper will, and may have assets to which you are entitled or insurance policies that list you as the beneficiary. There may even be retirement accounts or other assets that the person wanted you to have, but he or she did not leave adequate information to ensure these wishes were carried out. In other instances, you may know that an insurance policy exists, but cannot locate the policy or its assigned number in the deceased person's files.

For this reason, it is wise to search online to determine if financial records exist to prove such accounts or policies are in place. Remember that it may take several months or longer after someone has passed away before specific data can be retrieved concerning any unclaimed accounts. This is why it is wise to periodically check such websites to ensure that information posted at a later date is not overlooked.

Hire an Asset Finding Firm

If you feel somewhat overwhelmed trying to conduct online searches on your own, but you are relatively sure you have missing assets somewhere, the best course of action is to hire a reputable asset finding firm. Although you do not have to hire a legal firm in order to claim assets to which you are entitled, it often simplifies the process and ensures that no money or benefits are overlooked. Always shop for the best available rate, as the cost of such services varies significantly from one firm to the next.

Follow the Steps to Reclaim the Assets

After finding assets or money that rightfully belong to you, it is natural to be eager to take possession of them as soon as possible. However, you should be aware that there is a process involved with making such claims, as you must bear the burden of proof that you are the rightful owner. The aforementioned websites usually offer step-by-step instructions with regard to how to claim assets and money. State government departments typically hold such funds, and they will usually assist consumers when it comes time to navigate through the online claims process.

Realizing that you have extra money or other assets simply waiting to be claimed can be a dream come true. It is possible that you may even have multiple accounts or benefits of which you can take ownership. Therefore, devote a suitable amount of time to researching all possible ways to locate missing money and if necessary, hire a reputable asset finding firm. After this, simply walk through the step-by-step process to claim the assets that rightfully belong to you.

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