Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Whole Foods For Overpriced Larabars

Whole Foods has recently come under surveillance for a lawsuit that is being filed against them. The lawsuit was for the unlawful prices that Whole Foods have been putting on one brand of health bars known as Larabars.

Thomas Alston was the first person who came forward to file the lawsuit against Whole Foods in November of last year. The case was filed in the Superior Court in Columbia. The suit was filed because Alston felt that Whole Foods was deliberately misrepresenting the prices on this particular brand of bars, showing them as higher than what they originally were priced to be. He felt that he and others who were buying this brand of bars were being led to pay excessive amounts for these, which amounts to deceit.

Alston came forward to talk about the incident that made him decide to file a case against the supermarket chain. He retold the accounts of him buying the product at a Whole Foods in Washington, where the product was advertised as being on sale for $1. Usually, the price of this product is $1.29. One of the only reasons why Alston was prompted to buy the bars and try them out is because they were cheaper as compared to the other brands that he would typically buy.

Alston decided to buy these bars on several occasions while they were still being sold at the sale value. Thinking it was a good value for money, he made multiple trips to Whole Foods to buy them. However, on one occasion, he realized that he was being charged the original price of $1.29, even though he was supposed to be given to them for sale. When he looked back at all the receipts that he had got, he realized that every one of the times that he had bought the product, he was being charged full price, instead of the discounted one.

He quickly realized that this was probably something that Whole Foods had decided to implement to improve their sales. In a statement that he made, he outlined how just like him, many customers would overlook the $0.29 charge on their total bill, and not give a thought about it. But when taken into account the number of people visiting all the different Whole Foods in the country, this could add up to a lot. Usually, if a customer did realize that they were being charged full price for a product, they would ask for the cashier to alter the change and give them a refund. Whole Foods probably saw this as something that could be easily remedied if brought up. However, taking into account the sheer number of people that might have overlooked something as minor as this, Whole Foods stands to make a lot out of it.

The statistics of the case too shed light on just how much the company stood to make from this form of deceit. Whole Foods is currently operational in 470 locations across the country. If one customer in each of the stores bought five Larabars, they would be charged $5.16 instead of $4. If you account for one person from every store, that adds up to $681. Taking into account that all of the outlets of Whole Foods had a sale on the product, and considering that millions of customers might have bought these discounted products the amount that Whole Foods stand to make easily goes into the $150,000 range. All of this, from just charging $0.29 more for a product that is supposed to stand at $1.

These unlawful profits that Whole Foods stands to make is one of the main reasons why Alston decided to launch this case. He doesn't want himself, and the people around him to get easily cheated by these malicious acts that Whole Foods are trying to pull, which is why he decided to file a lawsuit against them. Alston will also be representing himself in this trial and wants to stand as the voice of the consumers who are continually being led to believe things that companies like Whole Foods want them to believe but have no intention of enforcing. He wants to stand for all the customers who have been cheated, to led big corporations know that their malicious acts won’t be overlooked.

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