50,000 Employees to be Hired for Amazon Soon

Everyone has heard of the company known as Amazon. Who hasn’t shopped there at least once or twice? The giant tech giant is based out of Seattle and is one of the most popular spots to shop online. In preparation of the millions of packages that will be shipped across the United States fulfillment centers, Amazon has announced that they will be hiring 50,000 or more new employees from their hiring events across the country. Amazon plans to fill 80% of these positions with full-time employees. Besides these jobs, Amazon also plans to hire another 10,000 employees for part-time positions.

The company plans to host “Amazon Job Days”, their first hiring event, on the second of August. These events will take place at ten of the fulfillment centers in the country. The hiring event will help potential employees learn more about the jobs that Amazon has available before they apply for them. Amazon itself plans to hire thousands of people who apply that very day. They have stated that this will be the biggest hiring event of the year for their company. Along with the various positions offered, Amazon will be offering managerial and supporting roles for their numerous centers. These positions will include operation leaders, human resources managers, IT specialists and many more.

These full-time jobs will offer more than just a great paycheck to those who are hired. Amazon offers competitive pay, company stock, health and disability insurance and even a retirement savings plan package to all applicants who are subsequently hired. By mid-2018, Amazon has plans to add on over 100,000 full-time positions to their centers in the United States. With this growth, Amazon will have over 280,000 employees working for them in the United States alone.

Amazon is continuously expanding and diversifying their business. This calls for a push for more workers to improve efficiency when it comes to their service. The company is not just hiring warehouse employees-they are looking to expand their workforce in other departments as well. These include positions in data science, customer service, and software engineering.

In April, Amazon surpassed the 350,000 employee mark around the world. This is an increase of more than 43%, according to their records from the year before. The main rivals of Amazon, Google and Microsoft, have not caught up to the hiring record that they have set. In 2016 alone, Amazon added more than 110,000 employees to their payroll.

CFO Brian Olsavsky has stated that the number of employees needed is in direct correlation to the number of orders that need to be filled at all of the fulfillment centers around the country. They have large growth patterns in the transportation logistics network and have seen increased activity when it comes to the sales of Alexa and Echo Dot units. Amazon continues to dominate the online market with strides that competitors are unable to keep up with.

In 2016, a company known as Greek Wire revealed their analysis of the company emplacement growth. There is a significant growth across the southern states and in the Midwest, as well as at the Seattle headquarters. Amazon is highly aware of the increased demand for online goods and works hard to provide that need to their customers. They are ready to take the position of market leader.

Seattle is still the fastest growing city when it comes to the need for software developer’s positions, according to the Job database Glassdoor report. This growth has been linked to the growth that Amazon has experienced when it comes to their online goods and services. The list of areas that will host hiring events on the second of August are as follows:

• Baltimore, Maryland
• Chattanooga, Tennessee
• Hebron, Kentucky
• Whitestown, Indiana
• Etna, Ohio
• Fall River, Massachusetts
• Kent, Washington
• Kenosha, Wisconsin
• Romeoville, Illinois
• Robbinsville, New Jersey

Similar hiring events will also be held at a later date in some Buffalo and Oklahoma cities.

Amazon has also issued a statement concerning the dress code at the hiring events. Candidates for the positions are required to wear business casual clothes, closed heeled shoes, to have their long hair tied back and beard trimmed. Extraneous jewelry is not allowed, due to various safety concerns.

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