Free Gift Set From Walmart And Other TopCashBack Freebies

The company TopCashBack runs regular freebie promotions that offer you free items when you buy other items at participating merchants. You must purchase the specific item in order to get the cash back of equivalent value from TopCashBack. Essentially, you need to buy an item through the TopCashBack network. Then, the company will be able to reimburse you a portion of what you bought.

You can earn extra savings during specific promotions around holidays and such. As an example, you were able to make a purchase between December 21st through December 23rd in order to get a bonus when you spend more than $10. The bonus was capped out at five dollars.

Free Gift Set Of Burt's Bees Products At Walmart

New members of the TopCashBack program are able to get a free Burt's Bees gift pack from Walmart after spending $10.88 to purchase it. The money you spent would get refunded to you in the program. This offer was only valid through December 23rd. Inside of the kit was at least five of their popular Burt's Bees products which included the hand salve, lip balm, cleansing cream, foot cream and the body lotion.

Free Play-Doh Set From Disney

For new members, there was also the ability to score a free play-doh set. This was a Disney Frozen themed play-doh set that would be a hit for many kids. In order to get the play-doh for free, new members would have to spend at least $9.47 purchasing the item at Walmart to get the same amount in cash back. This offer was valid for new members through December 22.

How To Get These Deals

In order to get these deals, you must first sign up with TopCashBack. Signing up is free and it is simple to sign up for. After signing up, you are going to be redirected to an area of the site to get your cash back. To qualify, you need to purchase the specific item listed and spend at least the minimum amount necessary. You will then get your cash back within fourteen days after your purchase. The amount will be credited to your account after your purchase gets verified. Only new members are able to get these offers. However, the company does not limit how many accounts can be opened within a single household. You can have your spouse, neighbors and roommates all sign up.

When You Will Receive Your Cash Back In The TopCashBack Program

Typically, you will receive your cash back from eligible purchases within fourteen days of making the purchase through the program. The amount you receive credited to your account will be able to be sent to your Paypal account. Also, members will have the option of getting paid for their earnings directly to a gift certificate for This gift card will also offer a three-percent bonus in order to maximize all of your cash back rewards. There are many things you can buy through

A third option for getting money back from your rewards is by having your funds deposited to a rewards card from American Express. This is a good option because you will also get some bonuses with your purchases using it up to six-percent. This bonus is only for a limited amount of time, however.

Important Information About The TopCashBack Program

Anyone who wants to take advantage of this deal now has to option to add other types of items to their shopping car and still be able to receive the cash back they are eligible for. You will receive your full cash back reward amount as long as the total you spend on the item hits the minimum requirement. This means that newer members that want to fill their cart with any items they want would be able to like they normally do when they shop.

Current members of the program can also participate in a referral program in order to get bonuses for getting new members to join. Currently, you can earn up to $10 for each referral that you get to join. The referral bonus will be added to your account in the same manner that you receive your cash back money into your account and can be transferred to Paypal, an gift certificate or the American Express card.

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