Buying Holiday Gifts Online? Use These Apps to Save!

If you are like so many of us, you probably get overwhelmed when you walk into your local store around Christmas. You’re not alone in feeling stressed and anxious about so many choices and stores to choose from, as well as the slew of holiday items you are faced with. Why not just bypass the whole store mess and opt for holiday online shopping instead? Not only is it less stressful, you can save money by shopping online with a few free apps. Plus, have everything delivered straight to your door while you shop in your pajamas!

Save money and time by downloading the following apps and browser extensions before you start your holiday shopping. You’ll be glad that you did!

#1 Cash Back Options With Ibotta

You may have heard about the cash-back offers that Ibotta offers on grocery shopping. But it isn’t just for food anymore! Ibotta now offers cash-back rewards from many online stores that will help you save money when you are shopping for the holidays. You can earn cash-back when you download the app and shop with your favorite retailers through the portal. These retailers include the Gap, Kohl’s, Target, Groupon, Overstock, Backcountry, eBags, Houzz and many more. Best of all, you can sign up through iBotta for Amazon Prime if you do not have it already. If you do, you’ll receive a $20 Amazon gift card, perfect for use during the holiday season!

#2 Use Paribus and Protect Your Prices

We have all ordered something through an online website only to see that the price is lower the next day. It’s frustrating and you would think unavoidable, but it isn’t. Paribus is a price-protection tool that will monitor the products you are watching in order to find you the best deal. The app will compare price-drops between big retailers, such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Zappos and more. When the price of an item you would like drops, Paribus will give you the difference.

You can also use the app known as Trim to get money back if a price drops after you make a purchase. Trim will register your Amazon purchases and will reimburse you if the price drops after you have bought something.

#3 Cash-Back Credit Cards

When you want a more passive way to earn money throughout the year, a cash-back credit card is the way to go. It’s also one of the easiest! One option is the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. You can earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase you make. When you open up the credit card, consider spending $500 dollars in the first three months on necessities such as groceries and gas and you will quickly pocket a nice $150 bonus! You’re probably going to turn to credit cards at one point or another, so why not choose the companies that allow you to earn while you spend?

#4 Get Cash-Back With Ebates

You cannot use Ibotta and Ebates at the same time for their cash-back promotions, but you should check out which one offers the best deals. Ebates allows you to receive hundreds of rebates when you sign up and spend through their portal. They also offer coupons that can be applied to certain orders that are not eligible for cash-back. Some retailers include Sephora, StubHub, Hobby Lobby and Lululemon.

#5 Provide Your Amazon Purchase History to Harris Poll

The Harris Poll has been around for years. It has always been a poll that measures the public opinion of the United States population but now they offer a little bit more! Download ShopTracker, an app that will anonymously track what you are buying from Amazon. You’ll be paid $36 per year to provide this information for research purposes, and the company has assured their customers that all information will be kept private. You must shop on Amazon, be 18 years of age or older, live in the United States and have a Windows 7-compatible PC to use the app. It takes just a few minutes to sign up and you will earn a cool $36! This may not seem like much, but you can definitely use it to buy some stocking stuffers or a present for the office party!

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