FedEx and UPS Ramp up Hiring for the Holiday Season

It is that time of year again, and FedEx and UPS plan to shore up their support by adding thousands of seasonal workers to the payroll. Retailers across the country, and the world for that matter, also plan to increase their workforce. With respect to holiday traffic, marketers show an amazing ability to predict holiday shopping patterns accurately. Businesses task themselves with keeping shoppers happy during one of the most stressful shopping times of the year. Retailers, both online and brick and mortar locations are also revving up for holiday season shopping.

Hiring for the Holiday Season

Carriers like UPS and FedEx are members of a private parcel industry that is always innovating ways to get packages to customers safely, conveniently, and quickly. UPS recently released a statement about its plans to hire an additional 95,000 employees to deliver packages. These jobs are ideal for students, moms, retired people, or virtually anyone who wants to earn a little extra cash during the holiday season.

FedEx plans to hire an additional 50,000 employees. Longer hours and overtime possibilities may also be available for their existing employees. The holiday season has always placed an additional strain on parcel companies to get products delivered. Much of the parcel increase is due to online shopping. While millions of people enjoy the in-store shopping experience, millions of shoppers prefer to shop online. This causes those holiday shopping spikes to really take hold.

UPS learned that hiring too few workers during the holiday seasons can cost dearly. In 2013, the company only hired 55,000 additional employees and the employee force had too few members to process the number of parcels from online sales. To be on the safe side, UPS has increased their number of workers on a yearly, consistent basis. Since 2013, the number of holiday workers hired each year has nearly doubled.

Companies like UPS and FedEx continue to increase their workforce to keep pace with an ever-increasing demand to deliver parcels. UPS and FedEx continually build new facilities, and they have also upgraded older ones. The new workforce, even temporary, gains access to technology that allows for advanced sorting that helps streamline the delivery process. As such, marketing and sales data makes it a lot easier for UPS to determine the exact amount of help they will need for any holiday season rush.

For both FedEx and UPS, seasonal employees may be able to upgrade to full-time employees over time. For temps, it is a good way to build their resume and gain new work experience. Traditional retailers like Target, Macy’s and Walmart will also gear up for holiday season shopping. Target has plans of hiring an additional 100,000 employees, and Macy’s will up their payroll to an additional 80,000 employees.

Salaries for seasonal package handlers can range from $10 - $18 an hour. FedEx and UPS are in a perpetual state of hiring due to the uptick in people who prefer to shop online.

Some See the Following as Benefits to Working Part-Time

1. Part-time work allows employees to spend time on other activities. Life happens, and for many part-time workers, they get a chance to enjoy more of it.

2. Part-time work can also open up doors to full-time employment. Working seasonal can give employees an opportunity to gain new skills. These skills can transfer to full-time employment.

3. Part-time work provides individuals with an opportunity to earn extra money. Earning extra money is a main concern for millions of people. It is also good for the economy since people find ways to circulate their money back into the economy.

4. Some industry experts say that working part-time can reduce stress levels and lead to improved health. Improved health is always a goal to shoot for. Most people seek a better balance between work and play, and seasonal work provides an outlet.

Advice on How to Find a Seasonal Job

Seasonal jobs can fall under the category of temp jobs, delivery jobs, outdoor seasonal jobs, hospitality, travel, and others. is an excellent place to start a job search. is another excellent source for job searches. With so many people working seasonal jobs, word-of-mouth can be an additional source.

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