Hungry? Ten Ways To Get Fed For Free!

If you're hungry and low on funds, consider these way to get fed for free. Free food is all around you if you know where to look. Free found can be found in lots of unexpected places.

It's Your Birthday

Many restaurants are happy to treat you on your birthday. Bring id like your driver's license or birth certificate and you might be in for a nice surprise. You might be eligible for a free drink, a free appetizer or even an entire meal just because it's your special day. Bring your friends with you for a nice celebration.

Create a Garden

One of the easiest ways to score an endless supply of cheap or practically free food is to open your own garden. Seeds are cheap. With the right conditions, you'll soon have a huge bumper crop on your hands. Even if you don't have lots of space to spare, you can still grow a garden sill garden. Many people are also happy to give away extra crops if they have no need for them so ask around.

Hit Free Events

Free events are all around you if you look carefully. Weekend events are particularly popular. Look online and you'll see lots of potential events that might appeal to you. Many events are not only free. They also have lots of free samples for you to try. Head out and you might see lots of free food offerings. A local potluck might be the ideal way to eat for free and you don't need to bring anything.

Become a Restaurant Employee

If you're part of a restaurant crew, free food often comes along with the job. Many restaurants offer family meals to all servers and cooks before they start the evening's service. During service, it is common for cooks and other personnel to spend time checking the food is just right to serve to customers.

Become a Competitive Eater

A competitive eater gets lots of free food just for showing up. For a small fee, you might be surprised at just how food is on your plate. Many competitive contents are free so you don't need to pay anything.

Store Openings are Full of Free Food

Another place to look for free food is when a store is opening up in your area. Many stores like to welcome new customers with lots of free food. You might see other free things as well in all the name of store promotions. All you need to do is show up and you'll often be given the chance to enjoy a nice full meal.

Rate Your Restaurant

When you're done with your meal, many restaurants are happy to get your feedback. You tell them about the meal you just ate. In turn, they'll give you a free meal. You may have to wait a few weeks but you'll be happy when you see that coupon in the mail for your free item.

Mystery Shoppers Eat For Free

Mystery shoppers are people who rate the meal. You get an assignment from a company with places to rate in your area. In turn, you'll head out to the restaurant or other place where food is served. Many places will reimburse you for all you buy. In turn, all you have to do is fill out a simple form about your experiences with the food, ambiance, service and the cleanliness of the place. Mystery shopping is a great to score free food if you live in an urban area.

Free Supermarket Samples

Supermarkets are always a good place to find free food. When you're shopping and you want something to eat, you can often find people offering you free food as you shop. The best time to shop with free samples is often on a weekend when there are lots of shoppers along with you at the same time.

More Restaurant Promotions

Restaurants are often a great source of free food everywhere. Start by looking through restaurants websites online. You'll often see lots of promotions that will give a nice taste of the place's menu.

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