Going Green - The Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM)

Making eco-friendly renovations is a chance to lower both your carbon footprint and your utility bills. There are mortgages like the Energy Efficient Mortgage that help people make necessary energy efficient improvements to a home. This is a chance to update an older property, enhance the home and protect your investments. A little investment today in these renovations will help you save and even make money later.

Weather Improvements

One of the best ways to update a home and make it more energy efficient is to make weather-related improvements. After all, running an air conditioner or heater takes energy and fuel, which increases costs and the environmental impact of the property. Simply insulating a home can really have some huge savings for a home owner. This means taking a look at all parts of the property. Older windows and doors can have gaps over time and an unfinished basement could suck out heat in the colder months. Looking at all risk factors helps people see which updates are important.

Think About Updating Appliances

Another important consideration home owners should make is updating appliances, specifically having the heating and cooling appliances. Older heating systems take more energy and can release a lot of pollution into the air and home. Newer models are made to be energy efficient, which saves on monthly bills and on the carbon footprint. There are ways to cool the entire home without having window units run all day. Professionals can offer some rich suggestions if you are thinking about replacing the home's HVAC system. Another option that is quicker and less expensive is to make sure the heating and cooling system is regularly serviced. Regular cleanings keep the machines running well and improve the overall air quality.

Consider Investing in a Professional Energy Audit

There are Energy Audit services a person can invest in to see all of the different ways to improve a home’s efficiency and make it more eco friendly. Many weather-related enhancements are minor and do not take a lot of time. Professionals come in during such an audit and look at every nook and cranny in the property: from the doors and windows to the insulation and appliances. At the end of this review, you will have a list of possible improvements that help make the property energy efficient.

Air Quality Is Important

A key piece to building an eco-friendly home is to make sure the air is of a high quality. This cuts down on pollution and it keeps home owners safe. Cleaning or updating the home’s vents and inspecting the heating and cooling units in the home keep the air clean. If the vents or appliances are clogged, then it takes more energy to run. This can also cause allergy and asthma issues or even sickness. Additionally, it is smart to think about updating the windows in a home so they are properly insulated and also easy to open and close.

Solar Power Is Another Option

Solar power is quickly becoming the future of building eco friendly homes. There are even tax savings for home owners who invest in this energy efficient option. Adding solar panels means that you can get hot water and even energy without having to run up the electric bill. Truly green homes use less energy but are still highly operational. It just means a little investment today to improve how a property uses energy.

Save the Environment with Home Improvements

If everyone does their part, pollution can be cut in half. For example, the average or traditional home produces twice as much pollution as cards on the road. Using the finance options available to update a home is a chance to rethink how to use energy and protect the environment. This makes a home happier to live in and increases the value of the property.

By spending a little today on renovations, you can increase the value of your home. Home owners will love watching their energy bills plummet after updating the home. An energy efficient home is the future of property investment. Making the most of an energy efficient mortgage and financing options helps homeowners make the most of their money and resources.

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